Anti-debugging 0x05

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This article focuses on how to detect debug strings outputted by an application that calls Win32 API OutputDebugString. And how bypass it using a debugger




The Kernel32 outputDebugString () function that uses to detect a debugger and explains different behaviour depended on the version of windows and it Outputs a string to a debugger to attach it.



#include <Windows.h>

int main()
	// Make sure there isn't an error state
	// Send a string to the debugger
	OutputDebugStringA("Hello, debugger");
	if (GetLastError() != 0)
		MessageBoxA(NULL, "Debugger Detected", "", MB_OK);
	return 0;

32Bit Process

xor ebp, ebp
push ebp
push esp
call OutputDebugStringA
cmp fs:[ebp+34h], ebp ;LastErrorValue
je being_debugged

64Bit Process

xor ebp, ebp
enter 20h, 0
mov ecx, ebp
call OutputDebugStringA
cmp gs:[rbp+68h], ebp ;LastErrorValue
je being_debugged

Return value

Windows XP

  • If the process is being debugged —> EAX will return 0
  • If the process is not being debugged —> EAX will return 1

Windows Vista and above

  • If the process is being debugged —> EAX will return 1
  • If the process is not being debugged —> EAX will return 0 changes between window Xp and Windows Vista or above are reason of changes in window internal

Bypass OutputDebugString()

Before dipping into discussing how bypass this technique let us demonstrate ways to detect the debugger

1- check the returned the value in EAX which depending on the Windows version

2- GetLastError in Windows XP . If you don’t have a Ring3 debugger, you’ll get an error message that calls this API after the OutputDebugString. If EAX == 0 –> a debugger has been detected

3- Through SEH Works in all Windows Versions from XP and above, not tested in Windows 8.

4- Olly Debugger would fail if you submit a string with the format % s % s % s. (tested up to OllyDbg v1.10).This is just a debugger-specific trick that takes advantage of a bug and Olly Debugger will crash in this case


To bypass this trick, we do not execute code inside this function to prevent detecting the debugger


  • we will breakpoint in OutPutDebugStringA() API by pressing F2
  • press F7 to enter in code function of OutPutDebugStringA()



  • AFter entering the code function, my goal is to prevent executing the code inside this API(), so I will assemble frist Instruction yo RET 4
  • the value 4 to pop the parameter "%s%s%s%s%s%s%s%s%s%s%s%s%s%s%s%s%s%s%s%" from the stack to prevent the sample detectes the olly with bug



  • After executing RET 4, debugger will bypass this trick.


  • parctical malware analysis